Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Tired and overcast

In news that will shock and astound people the world over, I am tired today.

The nights have been hot, and our flat feels stagnant and oppressive. There is no flow of air, because it's on the first floor and the front door opens onto a hallway that never gets any blasts of fresh air itself. There are windows that open, inviting a breeze in, but the air that drifts idly through does nothing to force out the thick heat. After drying my hair this morning I stood at my window, still completely undressed, and leaned out to find some cool air to soothe my skin. Given that the trains pass about six metres from that window, this was a somewhat desperate measure. No trains went past. It would have been like an adult version of The Railway Children.

The tube is heavy with a leaden heat, so that when you enter the tunnels you can feel the burden of summer in the city enveloping you. I take layers off and stand, staring at the space between someone's head and another person's newspaper, will the journey to pass so I can breathe again.

The heat makes me tired. Also I recorded some vocals on a track in a studio yesterday evening, and got in late. This evening I am going to meet Janie Price (aka Bird) to talk about playing my cello with her. Which I am excited about, and a little nervous.

I feel a bit frustrated today, with everything, but it is only the tiredness. I can't go into details about what is the most frustrating to me right now, although I might set up another blog for it because I am getting annoyed thinking about it. It is only something that isn't that important, in the grand scheme of things, though. Nothing major.

I really enjoyed last night, being in the studio and recording some vocals. Working with other people rather than just on my own. It was refreshing to be asked to do something, rather than having the responsibilty. It was fulfilling for that moment, and fun. I told them that if they ever need any more female vocals I'd be happy to help out, because I enjoy it. Sometimes I forget that I am in this because I enjoy it. It's strange that spending some time doing what I love throws the rest of my day to day life into such sharp relief, the dreary, mundane things that I am forced to do.

Best not to dwell on it, perhaps.

I am going to Biarritz, France, on the first of July! I ordered a bikini yesterday, from, which is my favourite shop in the world. It is a string bikini in aqua. If it's nice I will perhaps order the black one, too. Because I am flash and more than a bit fancy. I mentioned Biarritz because I thought it would cheer me up, and it does. I went out on Saturday night with the friends I will be going with, and they are a great group of people. We're going to be staying in a villa, ten of us, and I'll be sharing a bed with my friend Pippa. It'll be one of those holidays where there will be a full fridge of beer at all times, good music playing, and everyone will just chill out. There will be surfing, which I will do once or twice, but I have only surfed before for four hours once in very gentle surf (in Australia) and to my understanding Biarritz can be quite hardcore. Being whacked on the head repeatedly with a big piece of board is not so much my idea of a relaxing way to get away from it all. I plan to not have a plan, and see what happens. I haven't been on holiday for over two years, and I can't really imagine what it'll be like.

Does anyone have any tips for lifting the spirits on overcast, muggy days? Apart from not being in the city, which is sadly not an option. Maybe someone could send me a puppy to play with? Or some wine to drink? Or I could feed the wine to the puppy?

Ideas, please.


Blogger Pub said...

Oh how jealous can I possibly be? I love Biarritz. I try and go at least once a year but I missed last year (although it was to go to New Zealand so I can't complain too much).

The surf shouldn't be too heavy in July. I'd steer clear of the Grand Plage for surfing (it's more about posing there) and head over to VVF or les Sables D'Or in Anglet - both 10 mins on the bus.

I used to live in a house that had a bedroom looking out over the no22 bus route. I'm pretty sure I gave the commuters on the upper deck a bit of a shock a couple of mornings. Hooray for my new blinds is all I can say (and I'm sure those commuters would agree)

2:45 pm

Blogger NF Girl said...

I too have been wandering around naked in my room. I realised that my blinds were tilted the wrong way the other day when I heard a vehicle toot it's horn. My window is also directly across the road from a pub. Oops.

I would like to go on your french holiday!!!

3:04 pm

Blogger Doctor Jest said...

Feeding wine to puppies is plainly wrong.

Go for it ;-)

(Probably works just like anaesthetic. Our old mog recovered from an op as a kitten, made a wobbly beeline for the potted palm, scratched himself out a nest at its base and defended it from all comers for a couple of days. Hours of harmless fun for all the family. Don't think the plant enjoyed it much though come to think of it....)

3:12 pm

Anonymous Jamie said...

It's dreadful. The only thing to do is to buy a fan and some booze. Then sit in front of the fan and drink the booze. Then go out and prance around in the street for a bit. It really does work. And go up and down the more 'blowy' escalators on the tube.

4:26 pm

Anonymous Chris said...

Hello gorgeous. Yes, it's hot, hot, hot, but think of the positives.
1. People wear far fewer clothes
2. You can buy copious amounts of ice-cream as a health precaution against overheating.
3. You can lean out of windows and flash commuters
4. Being cold is worse than being hot (does everyone agree on this?)
5. Heat makes you tired, therefore giving you a good excuse not to finish stupid lists like these

Miss you loads. Hope you're ok. Big love,
Chris x

4:54 pm

Blogger Léonie said...

Pub - Do you know what? I might be going to New Zealand as well! I wasn't going to say anything, but I couldn't resist making you even more jealous, which is oddly cruel of me. I blame the weather.

NF - When I read your comment I realised that I had actually been unable to write that I was 'naked' and had to say 'undressed'. I don't know why. I am not normally such a prude, what with all the being unclothed in front of commuters and all. Peculiar.

Dr Jest - Drunken/drugged pets are always a jolly source of amusement. The big question here is: do I really want to waste my drink/drugs on an animal?

Jamie - I was going to make a fan joke something along the lines of sitting in front of someone who thinks you're really great not really cooling you down much, but I decided against it, because this is the first time you've commented and I don't want to put you off for next time.

Chris - Hello! You're right, of course, on all points. I am just whingeing because I'm English and therefore genetically programmed/duty bound to complain about the weather. What's it like in Germany? Will you do a guest post? All I can think of to say is "um... it's quite hot today, isn't it?".

5:11 pm

Blogger greavsie said...

You need a punka-wallah!

Mine would need to be nubile and good at wafting!

5:20 pm

Anonymous e. said... was a huge disappointment for me. Perhaps similar to the way my boyfriend felt the first time he saw me out of a bra....

5:25 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

well don't go to NZ now, they've got rotten storms going on there--it's winter. There were storms last time I went back too--the roof nearly flew off. Grr. But of course the end of the year would be alright.

as for pets:

but tamagouchi-type things are so 90s....

5:47 pm

Blogger The Boy said...

There can be nothing better than a thick chocolate milk shake to lift spirits on a hot muggy day. Even better if its a malted, but I can't get that over here. Sigh...

6:48 pm

Blogger Curly said...

The only suggestion I have is to issue your friend with water pistols and water balloons, then get the flat soaked.

It might make it a little more muggy, but it'll be a good laugh for an afternoon.

A bottle of vodka can always join in the fun too.

10:26 pm

Anonymous Adrian said...

Back home when it used to get really really hot, I used to go to movies to get into some decent air-conditioning.

Fortunately I don't need the tube to get to work, so the heat is liveable.

You want a puppy or wine? I think you may have cottened onto something here. How about puppies bearing wine. Like a summer husky thing. They could save lives with their chilled wine for the heat. Although how the puppies would keep the wine chilled I'm not quite sure yet. Patent Pending.

11:30 pm

Blogger Ant said...

Easy - water fights and/or mud-wrestling.

Don't forget the camera...

8:54 am

Blogger Pub said...

Cruel, cruel Léonie! Biarritz and NZ too? Oh, what a life you lead.

Haven't had a holiday in ages (been moving house/job etc). Must be about time. There you go, that's my productivity for the day up the shoot. Cue looking at travel websites all day.

Did you manage to get to see Oddjob last night?

9:06 am

Anonymous jamie said...

*chuckles* no pun/joke is too lame for me. In fact, the lamer the better...

10:01 am

Blogger Miss Devylish said...

Ahh to be where it's summer in June.. I can't even imagine.. it's been humid but barely about 60 degrees here.. I still turn the heater on under my desk at work cuz the AC is on overdrive or meant for somewhere in southern California.. I'm a little jealous, I must say and of your pending trip. I'm so going to check out the site for bikinis!

2:10 am


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