Monday, June 19, 2006

Two Posts in One Day! Imagine!

I wouldn't normally write two posts in a day, because I'm really busy and important, and also I like getting comments and I know that by writing a second post nobody'll comment on the first one. A comment whore, I am. To be honest, if my money situation gets much worse I'm seriously going to consider being a non-comment whore, because I've been having my monthly ohfuckstickswhatthefuckingfuckcanIsell? crisis and have come to the conclusion that I have three options: my cello; my iMac; or my body, and to be honest I'm quite fond of the first two.

I'm writing a second post because Tom wants me to write something nice about him on here. (Tom being my, like, you know, like boyfriend, or whatever.) So I thought a good start would be to talk about how I'm planning on whoring myself out. Oh, I'm so alluring.

I've written a poem.

Tom's so nice
He's quite a looker,
Do you think he'll mind
If I become a hooker?

There. Isn't that nice? The complicated rhyme scheme, the subtle semantic intricacies, the breathtaking subtext? Honestly, sometimes I astonish myself.


Blogger Curly said...

It's... beautiful.

Poetry readings are obviously going to be the way to earn cash. Celebrity sells and all that.

4:52 pm

Blogger Steve said...

Sheesh! It just shows I haven't been here in a while that I didn't know you had a new boyfriend. Good for you!

Various things have kept me away fromthe internet apart from the few minutes it takes to update my comic and blog (in that ordrer).

I wou;d say that he would probably feel slightyly wierd about you selling your body, but hey! It's not his property!

Also, nice poem. It rhymes!

10:51 pm

Blogger lady miss marquise said...

Hey miss.
I haven't been around and slowly starting to catch up on all the blogs.
I have missed you, lots and lots as have been working silly hours at my new job. Which I hate. And so need to go back and check things out.

And Tom? TOM? When did that happen? Oh, I'm happy for you! If it's the Tom I'm thinking of?! Hmmmm... !

6:25 am

Blogger Léonie said...

Curly - It is beautiful isn't it? I think I can do poetry readings. This one will have whale music in the background and I'll be wearing a velvet cloak.

Steve - My feminist leanings dictate that if I want to sell my body nobody can or should stop me, but the thing is that a) I'm not sure I do want to and b) I'm not sure I'd get a buyer.

LMM - I don't think it is the Tom you're thinking of! In fact, I think I know which Tom you're thinking of and it isn't him! A different one. Do you really hate your job, or just the long hours? Hope it's the latter, and that things'll pick up soon for you xx

9:49 am

Blogger Adz said...

Comments are the best! I love my comments, especially from new unknown people!

I wonder who they are

and what they do

Hope all is well!

12:00 pm

Anonymous Impish little sister said...

my sister is a lovely bee
thats why she is related to me

3:47 pm

Blogger Leigh said...

I tried to write a poem last night but just couldnt get anything out.

Maybe I should start by writing short little fun things like that to get me in the swing of things instead of trying to suck something really fantastic out of my thumb straight away.

Well done. And Leonie, thanks for your kindness.

4:00 pm

Blogger Dancinfairy said...

Tom and Lèonie sitting in a tree, k i s s i n g. There is my little ditty. (so mature!)

10:46 am

Blogger Miss Devylish said...

Friggin brilliant! I'm sure Tom will love it.. or should..

1:43 am


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