Tuesday, June 07, 2005

She sheepishly returns..

Oh! HI! There you are. Do you know what? I just wandered off for a while and got all cyber-lost so I couldn't post. Also I tried out the 'real' world for a bit. And do you know what I discovered? It sucks. Don't bother is my advice. Although to be perfectly honest my advice may be sometimes a little off the mark. (Seriously. I taught George W everything he knows.)

I was just up to stuff, like, you know, things. Nothing THAT exciting. Well, I got my nose re-piereced, and it bled all over my face all day yesterday. It was quite fun because, even though it REALLY didn't hurt, I adopted a mournful expression so that people would feel sorry for me and buy me chocolate, or maybe plasters. The tube was fun. I could tell people just wanted me AWAY from them pretty darned sharpish. I responded (naturally) by rubbing my face up and down their entire horrifiedly inert body and doing an elaborate dance involving some red handkerchiefs (to symbolize the blood, see).

Crossing the road was fun. Drivers appeared to speed up when they saw me about to step out, as if they were thinking, well, she's obviously been in one horrific accident today, let's finish her off. Anyway. Underneath the gore the little stud looks very lovely, thank you very much.

I'm just so tired. That's the real reason I haven't been writing. I can't really sleep. Except for right now. Right now I feel like I could REALLY sleep. But right now also happens to be one of those times when sleep would be Frowned Upon. Not that I blog at work or anything. Just so we're clear on that. But you can tell I'm tired right? Because of the. Short sentences?

I'll think off something good, I promise. Don't hate me, or get too bored or throw me into your cyber trash with a resounding ring. I'll won't let you down! Starting tomorrow I'll be your best friend. We'll have friendship bands and pass notes and swap the contents of our lunch boxes.

But first I think I'll just have a little nap right here on my keyboard..hduwajf;agfeadbjah...zzzzzzz.....


Anonymous number1hypocrite said...

Yay! I have a new best friend!

Just as a side note, you write very comically. I enjoy it; It's almost like you typed out exactly how you speak. Its a good insight to who you are as a person.

And perhaps I read wayyy too much into that. But. Oh well.

10:59 pm

Blogger Watski said...

Can you send me an email so that I can email you a few things

8:46 am

Blogger Timbo said...


You are required at the Big Blogger house! Please contact either myself (Little Blogger) or Watski (Big Blogger) asap.

That is all.

8:31 pm


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