Saturday, November 11, 2006

Internet Café Post

I am rattling around an empty flat. More specifically I am in an internet café, as I had to pop in to defend my musical choices the other day.

Sister Act 2 (Back In The Habit) is quality viewing, and way better than Sister Act 1. If you haven't seen it you mustn't judge, and if you have and are still judging you are clearly a philistine and must get out more at once.

The next CD I listened to, if you must know, was Feist, which is marginally cooler than Sister Act 2 (Back In The Habit), but has fewer opportunities to sing along with 'Oh Happy Day' like you really, really mean it.

My flat is empty. My Dad came to take all my stuff away, a process not helped by the fact that, shortly after I wrote the last post I gave up on the dusting-and-packing and went out with my Impish Little Sister Sophie and others. Until seven the next morning. I leapt, startled, out of bed about an hour before my Dad got there yesterday and realised that, although I really thought I was packing diligently the day before, what I had really been doing was writing about packing diligently on the Internet which, it may surprise you to find out, is not quite the same thing. Much panic ensued, and much was binned in frantic and hungover haste. Luckily my housemate David is a considerably better person than I am and lent me some large bags and his ability to make things neat.

It is strange to be moving out of there. It is only when faced with actually leaving that I realise how many memories belong there.

Onwards, I suppose.


Anonymous Timbo said...

Moving is good. And bad. Don't do it too often though, especially if you've got even half the amount of crap that I have, just don't even consider it.
I moved three times in the space of a year and a half once. It was terrible, and henceforth I haven't moved in almost 4 years. It is bliss.

And Sister Act 2 is on my To Watch list. :)

3:21 pm

Anonymous andre said...

I would love to move.

At the moment I am quite tempted by Brighton.

5:09 pm

Blogger Dancinfairy said...

I have moved 13 times in 10 years. In fact in the last 2 and a half years I have moved 6 times.

I am the queen of last minute packing and throwing things untidily into boxes to loud music.

I truely despise moving but think I must be some kind of moving masochist!

6:20 pm

Anonymous Timbo said...

Oooh. You don't want to move to Brighton. It's a bit too bloody bohemian down here you know. But then it's not. Christ, I don't know. Actually, you might fit in...

11:24 pm

Blogger treespotter said...

good luck with everything, moving is good. i haven't moved enough recently. It's about time, i think.

9:40 am

Blogger Miss Devylish said...

Now you didn't have to defend the Sister Act II soundtrack, I just found it quite endearing and you're completely right that I haven't heard it let alone even know what's on it and I can imagine it's bust-your-neighbor's-eardrums-out sort of songs. That's a plus. And I do have the Feist cd, which I do really like, but the first single is by far the least favorite. I like the rest though and it's not as exciting as Sister Act, you are right there again.

I'm glad the move is almost done for you. I hate moving more than anything and nothing else exhausts me more. Hope the purging was good and you're feeling hopeful!

8:24 pm

Anonymous e. said...

Well you can sing along with Feist, but whenever I try it it all sounds like garbled nonsense, and possibly a little French....

4:28 pm


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