Thursday, November 09, 2006

Packing, Dusting and Singing.

I'm just arranging all my stuff in my flat so that it is all boxed up by the time my Dad comes to help me take it home. I am under strict instructions to do a good job of this so that he doesn't arrive and I am standing amid a mountain of bin liners packed too full of clothes, shoes and 'interesting things from charity shops', a la every single time I came home from University. The day of moving out of halls at the end of each term was a particularly hellish one for everyone involved, bin liners splitting everywhere, crumpled 'Trainspotting' posters all over the place, all mixed in with a horrible hangover and the sneaking guilt of snogging your best-friend's boyfriend.

Anyway, I am being very good, what with being grown up now. I have thrown half of my stuff away to avoid packing it, I am dusting everything carefully before it goes in the box, and I have hardly snogged anyone since I started.

I have chosen good 'doing things to' music (not like that, don't be dirty) (oh, go on then). So far I have listened to the Sister Act 2 (Back in the Habit) soundtrack and Skunk Anansie 'Stoosh', both of which make for some very enthusiastic and loud singing along. Electic, perhaps, but both quality albums and I won't hear a word against either one.

Tonight I am going out to meet my Impish Little Sister Sophie, who is back from Paris for a bit, which will be wonderful.

Now I must select another CD to listen to so I can really finish off the job of bursting my neighbours' eardrums.


Anonymous Adrian said...

Don't leave us in suspense what was the next CD?

Have a good time out with ILSS. Don't cause too much trouble now, you hear.

8:26 pm

Anonymous Timbo said...

I've completely changed my opinion of you. I mean, Sister Act 2? Not that I've ever listened to it, so I shoudln't make snap judgements. Bad Tim, bad. Down boy.

9:23 pm

Blogger Cheerful One said...

I can reccommend 'Chaiyya Chaiyya' as excellent hoovering music. It has to be VERY loud so you can hear it over the hoover, though.

Stoosh is indeed a very fine record.

9:45 pm

Blogger Huw said...

So, farewell to London, at least for the time being. I'd bade you cheerio, but the medium remains the same, so it's a bit pointless really...

Something about Sister Act 2 was one of the first things I remember you ever saying/typing to me: it is good to see you are consistent.

9:57 pm

Blogger lady miss marquise said...

Being nocturnal at the moment, I am finding myself staining tables and mopping floors at 2am to Ok Go...

Wishing you the bestest of luck in the move *home*
I lasted 6 days back chez mes parents... but then again, I grew up in Suburban Hell.

1:31 am

Anonymous Euan said...

For information: The Sister Act 2 soundtrack is in no way a poor reflection of your character. The music from Sister Act 2 is GOOD.

Shit shit shit, I'm not going to be working for the BBC after tomorrow. Shit.

Sister Act 1 soundtrack is also very reasonable.

2:00 am

Blogger gilmic said...

you must get an albumn entitled 'The Best Jukebox Ever!" or similar. It has very classic hits like "The Boys are back in Town" and " I would do anything for love etc etc etc". It is perfect for sing-along times. Perhaps not in front of actual people though.....

10:02 am

Blogger Dancinfairy said...

I love Sister Act 2.

You are very good doing the dusting before things get packed. That is quite amazing.

I tend to just lob things in boxes. I am not so good with the packing I must admit!

12:00 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm also impressed with your packing skills.

The last time I moved (though in my defence, the last time I moved, I did so with only a week's notice), the only thing that successfully ended up in boxes were my beloved books. My clothing? bags. Some things? not boxed at all, simply gathered into one location so that people knew it was going.

Everything in boxes? I'm impressed how together you are.
Dusting? I am in awe.

9:55 pm

Blogger Miss Devylish said...

Ha ha.. not even the original Sister Act, but the sequal soundtrack. You are such a dear funny girl. I love it. Good luck on the move!

8:37 am


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