Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Final Installment, I promise: UPDATED

I asked the following questions:

1. How do I know you?
2. Tell me something about myself that you would only know if you knew me personally
3. Have we spoken on the phone or in person in the last month?

The above questions are approximations of what I actually wrote, because I can't remember exactly. This is essentially what I sent, though.

I received this response:

I was going to answer those but I thought about it and there are two kinds of valentines. The one where the sender hopes the recipient will secretly discover who they are and the one where the sender simply wants the recipient to feel special. This is the latter, so if you let your mind run wild this can be from whomever you want it to be…

And just so you know this isn’t spam – your middle name is Kate.

Happy valentines Léonie

Which is really sweet. I don't think it is spam.

I feel a bit sad, really.

How lovely of someone to want me to feel special. I mean, not just special-school-special, like I usually do.

It doesn't qualify as a mystery solved, really, but it's the only Valentine I have (so far, I'm sure that's the tinkle of the Inter-Flora van I can hear in the distance) and so it is sweet.

Hmmm. Is it pathetic to feel sad on Valentine's Day, even though I have a date tonight?



I just got this:

Ok the Kate thing…that could still be spam I suppose so…


You have an irrational fear of eggs -which is odd but still quite endearing

I hope you have an eggcellent day whatever you’re doing and whoever you’re with.


Blogger Doug said...

I think V-Day is meant to make men scramble and women to feel bad. It's the worst holiday ever invented (unless we had off of work for it then I could hanlde it with glee).

2:23 pm

Anonymous Absent Housemate R said...

he (though maybe she) knows about the eggs and uses the word 'whomever' - I am impressed.

What email address are these messages sent from again?


3:00 pm

Blogger Lucky said...

Aha! have an "eggcellent" day? Mystery solved! This person is clearly a high school math teacher, or on the road to becoming one.... although he is peculiarly eloquent for a math man, perhaps chemistry....

Or is it only in the US that high school math teachers feel obligated to egg-cell so egg-scruciatingly at such punny egg-screment?

By the way, I think I remember seeing that on a menu over there in the UK one time, "egg screment with bangers..." or some such thing.... It was right next to the "drippings with toast." Really, you Brits and your breakfast foods...

>; )

4:32 pm

Anonymous Dan said...

To be fair though Lé, anyone who had read your blog would be able to get the Kate and the eggs thing, so could be any one of the millions upon millions of readers you thrill with your installments of prose.

Which of course you already knew, and gets you no closer to solving the mystery. Still, at least you have a mystery to solve...

4:32 pm

Anonymous number1hypocrite said...

Happy Valentines!

4:48 pm

Blogger Dancinfairy said...

Happy Valentines Day!

My thoughts are that it's a blogger as I knew all of that about you.

Hope your date goes well.

5:41 pm


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