Tuesday, February 14, 2006


So, I replied to the spamentine (I like that word)(thanks, Lucky).

I said something along the lines of: Alright, give me a clue then. I still think you're spam but if you're not then a hint, please.

In response? This:

A Poem about Spam

When a middle aged Nigerian bank manager,
(with millions in laundered money)
Writes to a young, impressionable and desperate westerner
(with millions in arrears)
There is chemistry unlike any other
(Except perhaps a pill for enlarging male genitalia)

Spam is also a type of luncheon meat…mmmmm

p.s. clue no. 1…I’m not a fake Nigerian bank manager

I didn't reply. Because I think that is a little strange, to be honest. This morning I got another one.

He/she/it (I don't know what gender one refers to spam as) would like me to ask three questions to find out who it is. Presumably it can't be
1. Who are you?
2. Are you spam?
3. Go, on, who ARE you and ARE you spam come on you're annoying me now.

So I need question suggestions.

I was thinking of asking 'how do you know me' would be a good start. To find out whether it's a spammer, I need to ask one about me. Perhaps ask which University I went to, whether I play any musical instruments, have any piercings, or what I look like.

(The answers to those questions are: Warwick, the cello, my nose, and like a mix between Kate Moss and Cherie Blair*)

(*except not really so much)



Did you get the flowers and card I sent you? No? Bloody postal service, can't trust 'em.

Please give me suggestions, thanks. All my love to you on this day of hearts, flowers and grey drizzle over London.


Blogger Miggyman said...

I would suggest

How do you know me / have my email address

Have we met

Something along those lines

11:18 am

Anonymous Absent Housemate R said...

1. WHERE is my piercing?
2. Which side of the bed do I sleep on?
3. Can you sing the spam song from Monty Python?

(No. 3. is vital is asertaining whether ot not he is 'normal' or 'one of us') Ah ha.....

11:57 am


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