Monday, February 13, 2006

Is it Love? Or just re-constituted meat? Who can tell?

This morning I got an email from with an e-card in it. It's one of those ones you can reply to.

It was a poem. It went like this:

Life is pretty damn short,
And most of us draw an even shorter straw.
So many people flash past us,
Flickering lights, cutting us up

Nobody knows what’s coming,
What’s hiding around the next dark corner.
How long will our clocks keep ticking?
Which faces will you never seen again?

If our eyes have already locked for the last time,
I wish you more than “just the best”.
I wish you love and health and endless smiles
For you briefly touched my life and I’ll never forget.

You’ve never just been a face to me (even though you have a very nice one - well apart from the lazy eye thing)


I immediately assumed it was spam, and hit the reply button. I wrote a little message saying something along the lines of, "this is spam, right? Otherwise, who is it, please?"
I felt a bit stupid writing that last bit, because it was so obviously spam.

(NOTE: I do not have a lazy eye. I... I don't understand that bit. It feels familiar, like maybe I had a conversation about lazy eyes, which admittedly does sound like the sort of thing I'd have a conversation about)

Then I got a reply.


It would appear you receive very eloquent spam mail...

...Or very poor valentines

So, does that mean it's still spam?

Or not?

I don't receive enough valentines to know, really.

Also it was to my hotmail, not my email, so that's unusual.

I'm going out for Valentine's Day drinks tomorrow. I don't want to do anything fancy, it's too soon for hearts and flowers. I think I'd just be embarrassed, and he would, too.

Anyway. Does anyone have any ideas about this e-card/spam?

Answers on an e-postcard/comment please.


Blogger Miggyman said...

The romantic inside of me would like to believe it isn't spam....but my realistic self is going, no it's spam.

But replying to spam with spam seems odd, usually the email address they send it from is bogus or something.

Hmmmm is the website the card was sent through valid?

4:05 pm

Blogger Spinsterella said...

Well, as far as I'm aware, spam doesn't reply. Certainly not using words like 'eloquent'...

4:17 pm

Anonymous number1hypocrite said...

I get spam that walks me through difficult medical procedures.

Lucky for me and any unsuspecting patients, I haven't tested them out. And I'm not a doctor.

Those spammers are getting more well read and well versed.

4:49 pm

Blogger hen said...

Inner geek comes out - they could have set up an automated spam reply but the reply is just specific enough to your response for me to think that it is not. The website seems innocent enough so my guess is it is genuine. Looks like you have a secret admirer! Try replying again see what happens - what harm can it do? - they already have your email and you have already plugged their website. If it gets abusive you can always report it to the website. Maybe ask some specific question see how much they know about you.

4:49 pm

Blogger Dancinfairy said...

ohhh, secret admirer!!!

Day early though!?!

5:13 pm

Blogger Lucky said...

Thats funny, I think I got the same spam valentine (a "spamentine?") but my poem went something like:

dear valentine I love you so
your weenie could be bigger though...
Life is pretty, damn you're short,
to gain a full inch by valentines day respond to this email!!!

I wish you love and happiness and endless smiles,
for you briefly touched me,
to end premature ejaculation click here!!!

Roses are red,
violets are blue,
I'm Nairob Hir Kengenshewa, king in exile of greater Nigeria, I would like to send you a valenine, but our country is in turmoil. To retrieve your valentine, please send us your banking account information immediately.

Happy Valentines day.

8:16 pm

Blogger RadiantSky said...

Either way, I say go with the secret admirer angle and brag about it to everyone you know. And if it is spam, well I'm sure they're secretly admiring your wallet at least. So, win-win? ;) Happy Vday.

2:51 am

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